Yes, during our launch time we are giving everyone a 6 month FREE PREMIUM account instead of the 30 day one!

This is automatically added to your term after sign up.

If you then add on 5 of your friends (see below Special) we will extend this PREMIUM account by another 12 months!

This is ONLY available during our Launch Time!

Get a FREE Paid for PREMIUM YEAR if you introduce only 5 people to us!

Yes, you read it right, get a YEAR fully paid for Premium Account for FREE if you can introduce 5 of your friends to us and our website.

All we need is that they verify their user account and that’s it, we will upgrade and extend your time for a YEAR (of course on top of your current time)

This is ONLY available during our launch and is only offered if you already have an account with us.


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