About Us

What is the Idea?

JobTrader supports local businesses by creating local opportunities!

Born from the frustration of failing in finding someone to complete simple jobs led us to create JobTrader.com.

Smart Local job creation has fallen behind with your local news agent shop window still posting jobs, requests and offers.

With JobTrader you describe what you want or have - sit back and wait for the applications.

When your local applicants start to respond to your offers you are in charge.

At JobTrader we want to rebuild neighbourhoods by putting local workers in touch with local jobs.

Flipping normal job tendering on its head. Rather than calling and asking, 'can you do?', get them to call you saying, 'consider me'.

That's not all! Why don't you try something new, answer an offer and start a new business!

How is that possible?

We've created a unique way to post any job locally. If you want to sell actual items, try Amazon or Ebay we think they've got that covered.

So, a Local based Marketplace, how does that work, in practice?

It allows your needs, services and rental items to be listed under your county or town.

That unused expensive Makita can finally earn some cashback or find that manicurist on a Friday night!

We think that all of us know well and truly how to handle our own business, so we are allowing the local market just that.

You agree prices and terms.

You pay or get paid.

You are in control.

No Charges or Commission!

We provide an access platform, a local market place.

Join the Local Revolution, join JobTrader.com


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